“Juncture” by Anne Stagg

Labor has long been the backbone of this nation and has provided the scaffolding necessary for our consumer and work economies to thrive. But so much of that labor goes unseen, unnoticed, unrecognized, underappreciated and uncredited to those doing the work. The line workers assembling the products, the caregivers and domestic workers caring for the home and those who occupy it, the paycheck-to-paycheck workforce that sees little return on their investment. Hidden labor is an act of oppression. It is and has been a way for some to get ahead on the efforts of others while not acknowledging their contributions.

I work with post-production, industrial felt scraps for the dichotomy it presents between value and waste. Drawn to its fuzzy texture and punched holes, I create structures and forms that intentionally fall short of resolution. Instead of being understood, they beg to be explored with curiosity and contemplation. Play and experimentation are guiding forces in my work: a long loop with a cross support that almost becomes an open mouth, a chain that attaches to nothing, wound coils of felt painted to reinforce the idea of spinning, a structure that branches out becoming more chaotic as it grows all seem to hint at something more – but what do they do? Invisible-Indivisible calls attention to hidden labor and finds value anew in something overlooked and forgotten.

size 9’ x 3’ x 18″
medium Flashe on Felt
Price $2,500.00

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