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“Art has the power to connect, inspire, and transform us as individuals and communities. Art is integral for every aspect of humanity.”

— Cyndi Wish, Executive Director, The Center for Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art recognizes the diversity of its community’s abilities and needs and is committed to enabling all visitors to experience the benefits of arts education, arts appreciation, and comprehensive exposure to the arts. Through our community partnerships, we provide opportunities for people to express themselves in a safe, judgment-free environment and engage in activities that improve the quality of their lives. 

Our partnerships are designed to address the needs of specific audiences, including individuals living with cancer, people with addiction and in addiction recovery, and those with disabilities, trauma, and aging concerns. We are currently engaging with the following organizations:

Claymore Vets

Claymore Vets, Somerville, NJ: Claymore Vets’ mission is to “cultivate a creative and connected community of veterans, first responders, and artists to foster social reconnection and growth rooted in clay and visual arts.” Workshops, such as Intro to Ceramics for Veterans, are offered free to vets at The Center.

Community in Crisis

Community in Crisis (CIC), Bernardsville, NJ: CIC offers comprehensive addiction services to individuals experiencing or affected by addiction. CIC offers a variety of workshops for its clients, including drawing and ceramics classes at The Center.


Crossroads4Hope, Bedminster, NJ: The Center offers monthly creative workshops for non-artists affected by cancer, including patients and caregivers, served by Crossroads4Hope in support of their mission: “To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. So that no one faces cancer alone.”

Hunterdon Prep

Hunterdon Preparatory School, Annandale, NJ: Hunterdon Prep is a private, not-for-profit day school for students ages 12 (7th grade) through 21 with alternative learning needs. In our Education through Exhibitions Program, students study the artists and artwork represented in one of The Center’s exhibitions and then participate in a gallery tour and hands-on workshop led by the exhibition’s curator.

Mt. Bethel Village

Mt. Bethel Village, Warren, NJ: Mt. Bethel Village is a community for adults ages 21 and over who are living with autism, developmental disability, and traumatic brain injuries. Mt. Bethel offers both residential and day programs. We welcome clients of Mt. Bethel to The Center for tours, exhibitions, and classes.

In addition, The Center provides year-round classes and other programming for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and special needs. The arts provide an invaluable avenue of self-expression and multisensory communication for children with limited or no verbal communication.

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As the premier hub for contemporary art in the region, The Center offers an exceptional variety of in-person and virtual art classes, workshops, summer art camps, rotating art exhibitions, and community partnerships. 

The Center for Contemporary Art recognizes the diversity of its community’s abilities and needs and is committed to enabling all visitors to experience the benefits of arts education. Our community partnerships are designed in response to specific needs and provide an outlet for creative expression in a safe, supportive setting.

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