Letter from the Director

Whether you’re a seasoned professional artist seeking to exhibit your work, an aspiring artist looking for ways to nurture creativity and confidence in yourself or your loved ones, or an art appreciator who wants to experience high-caliber art in all mediums, The Center for Contemporary Art has something to offer you.

Welcome to The Center for Contemporary Art! 

Since its inception as the Somerset Art Association in 1970, The Center has promoted contemporary art through exhibitions, education, and advocacy. Over the years, our vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts has welcomed change and widened our reach with innovative new programming and community partnerships. 

People often ask, “What is contemporary art?” or they tell me that they find art intimidating. We define contemporary art not as abstract or conceptual, post-modern or pop, but as inclusive of all current art practices. We embrace contemporary art as creative expression, a way to interpret the world around us and within us.

As the only exhibition space in the region dedicated to contemporary art, The Center’s dynamic exhibition program seeks to support artists and the community through exhibition opportunities, and to expose experienced artists and novice art appreciators to new works and new artists. Our galleries are free and open to the public.

Currently, at The Center, we are seeking to expand our community partnerships, broaden our services, and leverage our institutional capacity to develop programs and opportunities where people at any stage, level, or ability can feel comfortable and confident that they are supported as they explore their unique creativity

Our community is inclusive and friendly. On any given day at The Center, you might find a 5-year-old in an arts camp, a mid-career artist discovering a new technique, an artist with limited mobility thriving in an accessible space, or a veteran exploring post-traumatic growth through the arts. Whether you are an artist who is thriving in your creative career, or you claim to not be able to draw a straight line, we are here to provide the resources and services you need to fulfill your creativity and nurture your spirit. We welcome your suggestions on the best ways to do so, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

– Cyndi Wish
Executive Director

The Center for Contemporary Art
in Bedminster, NJ, is a popular destination for world-class contemporary art exhibitions and community-based arts education and programming.

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Experiment and Play. Inquire and Discover.

As the premier hub for contemporary art in the region, The Center offers an exceptional variety of in-person and virtual art classes, workshops, summer art camps, rotating art exhibitions, and community partnerships. 

The Center for Contemporary Art recognizes the diversity of its community’s abilities and needs and is committed to enabling all visitors to experience the benefits of arts education. Our community partnerships are designed in response to specific needs and provide an outlet for creative expression in a safe, supportive setting.

All are welcome!

There are many ways to support The Center.

Our mission is made possible by the dedication, involvement, and support of our members, volunteers, staff, sponsors, partners, and donors. Without their support, we could not continue to bring innovative arts programming and exhibitions to our region. Please join our welcoming community of artists and art enthusiasts.