“Totem #1” by Edward Mills

Aspects of ART that I subscribe to are as followers:

The Message of painting is shown as the concept or idea of each work.

The instinctive qualities of balance, rhythm and harmony achieve the “unity of effect” in each painting. Materials in painting can be illuminated to show degrees of smoothness, coarseness, grain, consistency, and weave or elasticity. The relationship between light, surface, and texture can be implied, simulated or hidden.

Our tools in painting are line,shape, value, color, edges and texture. Painting can reveal and provide form as well as act as a signifier, create atmosphere, control image and provide expression.

The quality of light (inplied or explict) can change the character of mass and the atmosphere of space. The form of art is entirely reliant on the presence and quality of light. The reflection of light is another way of revealing form and space. 

The best art uses this light to control excitement, emotion, surprise and mystery through the creation of theatre and illusion.

size 24″ x 12″ x 2″
medium Encaustic on Board
Price $10,000.00


Edward Mills, FAIA is principal of Edward I. Mills + Associates, a New York based Architectural firm that is widely known for its high level of design in the making of intricate works of architecture that are characterized by attention to craft and detail, creative use of materials, and inventive forms and spaces.

A native of North Carolina, Mr. Mills received his Bachelor of Architecture from North Carolina State University and received his Masters Degree from Harvard University. Mr. Mills has taught architecture at Columbia, Yale, the Rhode Island School of Design, Syracuse University and the University of Pennsylvania.

His drawings have been exhibited in galleries and museums such as Denmark’s Louisiana Museum, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Architectural Association in London, Columbia University, Cooper Union, New York University, and the Fashion Institute of Technology among others.

Ed’s proudest accomplishment is his lifetime commitment to painting which he continues to work on and study at several art schools such The National Academy, The New York Academy of Art and The Pennsylvania Academy. He has studied with painters such as Nelson Shanks, Vincent Desiderio, Bo Bartlett, Steven Assael, Stuart Shils, Alyssa Monks, Robert Armetta, John Wellington, Christopher Pugliese and Dan Thompson. Mr. Mills recently completed 72 black and white portraits of college classmates. Mr. Mills continues to paint and show his work.

His Painting have been exhibited in galleries and museums in group shows at Mattatuck Museum, New Britian Museum of American Art, Monmouth Art Museum, Barrett Art Center, Site Gallery, the 211 Gallery, the Shirt Factory Gallery, Old Town Arts Guild, Valley Arts in Orange NJ, Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts and The Kent Art Association in 2018 and 2019 ( Best Oil Painting in Show). His Painting have also been shown on-line with The Idaherma Museum of Art Foundation, Limner Gallery and the PleinAir Salon.





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