“Jungle” by James Creighton

This body of work is comprised exclusively of drawings. Like many artists during this year of lockdown and social distancing, I have found myself working more at home. As a result, the works have become more intimate in scale and personal in content. After several years of producing art work that required considerable space, machinery and time I have come to welcome the change to a more immediate method of working.

Historically, my work has been primarily non-objective and abstract. This newer work allows for representations to make their way into the image. I am working in an improvisational way, taking full advantage of the medium to allow for conceptual flexibility. As a result, a narrative of sorts has begun to develop within the drawings as they relate to one another. My interest is to continue in this vein of drawings as it has now become a more personal vehicle for communicating, as well as exploring aesthetically and conceptually.

size 48″ x 60″ x 1.25″
medium Charcoal on Panel
Price $1,800.00


James Creighton
Brunswick, Maine

Florida International University
Miami, Florida
BFA, Sculpture

Public Art:
State of Maine-Copper Reuse Project 2018
-Create a permanent art installation in the Maine State House using 100 year old
historic copper panels.

Maine General Hospital 2014
-Competitive call for permanent commission of artwork in new 640,000 Sqft regional hospital.

Maine State House
Boston Scientific Corporation
Maine General Hospital

Group Exhibitions:
2020 – Cambridge Art Association, National Juried Show, Cambridge, Ma.
2020 – Beacon Gallery, 2020 International Juried Show, Boston, Ma.
2019 – Able Baker Contemporary, “Perfection,” Portland, Me.
2019 – Wheaton College Biennial Exhibition, “Brush Coat Cover,” Whitman, Ma.
2019 – Kelley Stelling Contemporary, “Tangible Assets,” Manchester, NH.
2015 – Maine Farmland Trust, Belfast, Me.
2015 – Circling the Square Press, Gardiner, Me.

Review – Portland Press Herald, Feb 17, 2019




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