453-The Facilitation Experience Workshop with Matheny Arts Access

Imagine yourself an artist. Now, imagine that you no longer have the ability to use your arms and legs and that you have limited use of speech. How would you go about your daily life and how would you be able to express yourself as an artist? These questions represent the unfortunate reality of the artists participating in the Matheny Arts Access Program. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn what the term “facilitated arts program” means, how it works, and what it’s like to create art using one. During this workshop, participants will experience firsthand the difficulties and challenges of creating art in a facilitated art program by role playing as both an artist with a disability and that of a facilitating artist.


Special Notes

All students must comply with the Policies and Procedures found on The Center's website. There will be no refunds for students removed from class for failure to observe The Center’s Policies and Procedures.


Colored pencils
And some square templates (some will be provided). 



Class Details

November 13 - November 13, 04:00 pm - 05:30 pm

Days: Monday

Tuition: $66

Member Tuition: $41

Location: The Center for Contemporary Art

Semester: Fall 2023

Level: Adult (All Levels)