323-Ink and Wash Painting

For beginner to advanced students. Line and wash is a watercolor technique that originated in China under the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). This style combines a line drawing with watercolor washes. The line is drawn first with a gel, ink or micron pen, then the watercolor paint is applied. Since a lot of the structure of the painting is established by the line drawing itself, often all that is needed from the paint is a wash of color - hence the name, line and wash.


Line and wash is a technique often used for quick sketches in a sketchbook, however it can also be used for a larger finished paintings. Buildings, street scenes, landscapes, still life, portraits and even flowers can be painted using line and wash technique.

Join me for this fun and exciting blend of drawing and painting.

Special Notes

All students must comply with the Policies and Procedures found on The Center's website. There will be no refunds for students removed from class for failure to observe The Center’s Policies and Procedures.


  • Watercolor paint tube or pan (watercolor pallet is needed if you buy the tubes)

Colors: lemon yellow, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium red, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue add pthalo blue (basic watercolor sets are also a good option).

  • Watercolor brushes 1/2 inch flat and #8 round
  • 140lb cold press Watercolor paper 11” x 14” or 9” x 10”
  • black gel pen, micron or a fine tip sharpie.
  • painters or masking tape.

About the Instructor

Shyamal Raguso

Shy Raguso has a M.A. in Fine Arts and is an award winning artist who has exhibited at numerous galleries, art shows, and other public spaces. Raguso is a Fine Arts Professor at Raritan Valley Community College and Union College. She has also taught art to children and adults at The Whittemore, The Morris County Art Workshop, YMCA, Chester Field House and gives private art lessons. Raguso was born in Bombay, India, and now lives and works in New Jersey with her husband and two children. 


Class Details

July 13 - July 13, 10:00 am - 01:00 pm

Days: Saturday

Tuition: $85

Member Tuition: $60

Location: The Center for Contemporary Art

Semester: Summer 2024

Level: Adult

Instructor: Shyamal Raguso