“Trench Town” by Theda Sandiford

Imagine, hair. The elusive, coveted “good” hair. On some days and for some people, that is my hair. Or was. Or can be. But you should know by now – Don’t. Touch. My. Hair.

For, I am my hair. A collection of memories twisted with thread, bundled in intricate knots and layers of life’s undulations. My kinks and twists hold secrets. Pain and joy; that is mine to reveal.

Created during a series of open studio sessions, I invited the community to wrap and hitch knot thousands of yards of recycled yarn, thread, trim and ribbon on 100’ of cotton ropes.

More than 100+ participants have already imbued their essence, becoming a part of the rope, as we discuss the trials and tribulations of our gray hair, straight or curly hair, thinning hair, wigs, weaves, crochet braids and locs. We have found a common denominator amongst us all, HAIR.

size 8’ x 12″ x 12″
medium Mixed Media Fiber
Price $5,500.00

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