“Adam Underwater” by Jaime Farley

My oil paintings are loose and wild impressionist and contemporary realism inspired portraits of my closest loved ones.

After either randomly photographing my daily life or an impromptu photoshoot near my couch or wall, I sift through the pictures to find the perfect composition and lighting that excites me and begin prepping, sketching directly on the surface, and then painting.

The challenge of creating a portrait that closely resembles my subject is a thrilling puzzle. Watching the reactions of the recipients of my work is satisfying and incredibly fulfilling. I make these portraits to grow my skills and continue to learn as a painter and to make myself happy.

size 11″ x 14″ x .125″
medium Oil
Price NFS


Jaime Farley is a 32 year old, stay at home mother and a primarily self-taught painter. She began her interest in art at a young age taking a variety of classes and drawing in her free time. All art has always inspired her and in high school she entered the 2004 Deborah Heart and Lung Art Contest and won 1st prize in the 3D category for a fully handmade mosaic. She went further on to enter a mosaic dog into the Princeton Dog Walk of 2005 with the same style of fully handmade mosaic pieces. Her piece was auctioned off to charity for $500. Later in 2005 she was admitted to The University of the Arts Philadelphia summer program and lived and studied on campus taking a variety of foundational drawing, theory, and art history courses. In 2006 she attended The University of the Arts Philadelphia for one semester majoring in Crafts, specifically Metals, but ultimately her college career ended when mental illness ravaged her life. She stopped art for a long period of time and tried to get her life back together but was further set behind by a drug addiction. She has been in recovery for the last 10 years and has recently gained enough courage and confidence to continue her art career with therapeutic painting.

Her style in oils is loose but bold, quick and messy, much like her life has been. It reflects that imperfect can be beautiful and meaningful in the right light.





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