2017 Year-end Appeal Letter

November 2017

Dear Friends,

The Center for Contemporary Art inspires creativity and enhances lives through educational art programs that excite the imagination and enrich the mind!

You can help us continue to bring exemplary education programs, exhibitions, and creative experiences to thousands of people each year. The Center’s award-winning outreach program ensures that all members of the community have access to transformational art experiences, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, adults with disabilities, people affected by cancer, homeless youth, teens in recovery from substance abuse, and senior citizens.

Our “Arts for Recovery” ceramics program allows teens in recovery from substance abuse to focus their minds on the task at hand as they create uniquely beautiful forms that absorb very personal stories. One girl told us, “I’m gonna miss the mildew-y smell of the clay after a week of me not touching my creations, and the way the wheel would calm my mind. Art is really one of the only things I have for myself and I’m so happy I got to create it in a sober state of mind.”

We can’t do it alone. You have an opportunity right now to contribute to our success and help us to thrive as a source of exceptional art programs. Please give today and help us to meet our goal of raising $9,000 by year end!

Thank you on behalf of the artists of all ages and abilities that we serve, the community members we engage, and the many members and visitors who will benefit from your
generous gift.

Elie Porter Trubert
Executive Director

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