Birthday Art Parties for Children

Celebrate your child’s birthday with an art twist with a party at The Center! Perfect for children ages 5 to 14 years old, parents may select from one of several creative and educational art projects each designed with fun in mind.

Day + Time

Based on availability, 1 1/2  hour parties are offered on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The first hour of the party will be a guided art project followed by cake, drinks, etc. provided by the parent or caregiver during the last half hour. Pottery Parties are 2 hours long.


The cost is $300 (or $275 for Family Members) for up to 12 children (including the birthday child) and $20 for each additional child ($18 for Family Members) with a maximum of 15 children. Pottery Party is limited to 9 children.


For questions or to schedule a party, call the office at 908-234-2345 Ext 101 or email



(Ages 5-8)

Birthday guests will sculpt and decorate their own special clay creations using self hardening clay, acrylic paint, feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and gem stones. You may select one of the following: a favorite animal, a clay pot or a decorative plaque.


(ages 8-14)

Birthday guests will have fun creating a work of art in a famous master’s style on canvas board using acrylic or tempera paint and brushes. The birthday child can choose either their favorite artist (or artwork) or leave it up to the instructor to decide.


(ages 5-8)

Birthday guests will string their own necklace or bracelet using a variety of beads, shiny gem stones and string. They will also paint and decorate their own special jewelry box.


(ages 8-14)

Birthday guests will assemble and decorate their own circular dreamcatcher complete with strings, feathers, small embellishments and charms.


(ages 9-14)

Birthday guests will learn how to throw a simple pot on the wheel and glaze it. The pots will need to be fired and will not be available to take home from the party. The parent of the birthday child will be contacted to pick up the fired pots. Party Parties are limited to 9 children and are 2 hours long.


(ages 5-10)

Birthday guests will create their own original masks; animal, human or fantasy using paper, feathers, colored tissue paper, gems, markers, and more.

The Center will provide

  • An art teacher assisted by an aide
  • Art materials appropriate for the selected party theme
  • Tablecloths and balloons
  • A one-time $5 gift certificate to be used towards a student art class or membership for each child

Parent/Caregiver will provide

  • Birthday cake, drinks, candles, paper plates & cups, utensils, napkins and goody bags
  • Any other desired decorations
  • Parent or caregiver will be expected to remain at the party