Site Specific Installations

Paunty hose sculpture by Katie Truk

Katie Truk

Katie Truk: July – December 12, 2015
In 1995, while an undergrad at Alfred University, New Jersey artist Katie Truk began experimenting with pantyhose as a medium. Truk states, “My pieces are a marriage of sensual malleability of pantyhose and the rigidity of wire. Internal conversation and motion are induced within the static confine. Thread binds and extends the aggression and vulnerability, echoing life’s twists, turns, and pulling within our rigorous regulations and expectations.”




Annie Morris

Annie Morris


Annie Morris: January 9 – May 23, 2015
London-based artist Annie Morris is best known for pieces that combine obsessive drawing and ready-made sculptures. She intertwines two and three-dimensional elements to create sculptural tapestries or “Stitch Drawings,” three of which are on view at The Center.


"Breathing" by Garam Lee

“Breathing” by Garam Lee 


Garam Lee: March 31-December 19, 2014

The Center’s first site specific installation was titled “Breathing” and was created by New Jersey sculptor and South Korean native Garam Lee who works with hot glue. For Lee, the creative process is a deeply spiritual one. “The method that I use with the hot glue is well connected with how Buddhism and Christianity consider breath as life…. The art works clearly do not have the actual life but have my breath paths on them. My art works are to show the final product of my breath of life.”