417-Beginner Drawing

Students will explore the visual nuances achievable through the use of the modest pencil. The full range of hard, light "H" pencils to soft, dark "B" pencils will enable students to depict three dimensional objects within a fully integrated composition. They will apply several techniques such as foreshortening, value gradations, shading, cross hatching and much more. The use of graphite dust will facilitate the drawing process and transform it into an engaging and innovative experience.

Special Notes

All students must comply with the Policies and Procedures found on The Center's website. There will be no refunds for students removed from class for failure to observe The Center’s Policies and Procedures.


Ideally each student should have:
a pencil kit including a full range of 9H to 9B pencils (if cost is a factor, please have at least a 2H, a #2 and any 3B, 4B, or 5B pencil)
an 11 X 17 drawing pad - heavier, sturdier drawing paper will more effectively withstand the abuse of repeated erasures and the heavy layering of graphite
a kneaded eraser and
a cardboard blending tool (tortillon)

Suggested retailer for art supplies: Michael's. 

About the Instructor

Oscar Beck

MA William Paterson University; Received 45+graduate credits from NYU, including studies in anatomy, art history, studio art and photography. Exhibited art in NJ and NY galleries, receiving awards in painting, drawing, photography and sculpture over 30 years. Art instructor in private high schools, teaches and exhibits in NJ galleries.


Class Details

September 13 - October 18, 01:00 pm - 03:30 pm

Days: Wednesday

Tuition: $210

Member Tuition: $185

Location: The Center for Contemporary Art

Semester: Fall 2023

Level: Adult (Beginner)

Instructor: Oscar Beck