144-Introduction to Street Art

This class is an intro to street art - specifically, wheatpasting. Wheatpaste is a liquid adhesive made from wheat flour and water. This medium is used in public spaces for quick application street art and advertisements, or can be used in your personal art practice (bookbinding, découpage, collage, papier-mâché ).


In this workshop, you will learn all about this method and how you can mass produce you art. We’ll make inspired artwork intended for street art OR personal use. You’ll learn about street art, the technical application, how to make, use, and apply wheatpaste, We’ll discuss different artists, their methods, and how some artists remain anonymous or choose to be known. 


Level: Adult and Teens 16+ (All Levels)

Special Notes

All students must comply with the Policies and Procedures found on The Center's website. There will be no refunds for students removed from class for failure to observe The Center’s Policies and Procedures.


-pencil, permanent markers

-paper / sketchbook. Any size is okay 

-chip brush or inexpensive 1" - 2" brush

-plastic food container with lid 

-any type of affordable surface of your choosing: plywood, mdf wood, hardboard, etc. (You will be pasting your artwork to this, consider how large you'd like your artwork to be)

-optional materials: paints, watercolors, markers, different papers for collage if interested

*instructor will be supplying wheatpaste materials


About the Instructor

Ali Williams

Ali M Williams is an international exhibiting artist and public muralist from Philadelphia. She has been a visiting teaching artist at Lycée Rochambeau (The French International School), The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, Moore College of Art, Fleisher Art Memorial, Project Learn School, The Hillside School, The Big Picture Program, and Riverside Correctional Facility. Ali has worked with numerous education and community outreach programs such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Morris Home (the only trans and non binary recovery home in the country), Mural Arts Philadelphia, Fairton Correctional Institution, The Restorative Justice Program, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, Bancroft (a nonprofit provider of programs and services for individuals with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and those in need of neurological rehabilitation), and many more. In addition to her public mural work, Ali is a trauma informed yoga and movement practitioner and a certified sexual assault counselor. Her training and compassionate nature enable her to connect deeply to her students and the communities she serves.Some of her clients include Zappos, Primark, Nasdaq, Marriott Hotels, The Wells Fargo Center, Target, Verizon, The NFL, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Website: www.alimwilliams.com 


Class Details

March 22 - March 22, 10:00 am - 01:00 pm

Days: Friday

Tuition: $85

Member Tuition: $60

Location: The Center for Contemporary Art

Semester: Winter 2024

Level: Adult

Instructor: Ali Williams