Board of Trustees and Staff

Board of Trustees

Mary Lev, President
Eileen McNamara-Raisch, Treasurer
Maria Tedesco, Secretary

Eva Deffenbaugh
Marcia Glatman
Pamela Huelster
Lily Lee
Jocelyn Virgil-Phillips


All staff members can be reached by phone at 908.234.2345 followed by the appropriate extension:

Elie Porter Trubert, Executive Director: Ext. 100
Stefanie Beaumont, Office Administrator: Ext. 101
Peter Phillips, Bookkeeper: Ext. 103
Norma Rahn, Director of Education: Ext. 102
John Reinking, Ceramics Program Manager
Wes Sherman, Exhibitions Committee Chair
Leigh A. Zona, Communications and Development Manager: Ext. 104

Evening and Weekend Administrators
Carly Famiglietti
Jolene Kelewae
Donna Souren