Current Exhibitions

Joyce Robins, Dark Gray Cold, 2015, colored pencil, 9x12

Joyce Robins

Painting by Valeri Larko

Valeri Larko

Pantyhose installation by Katie Truk

Katie Truk

This fall two new exhibitions will open on September 11th at The Center for Contemporary Art in Bedminster, NJ and will remain on view through October 24th. Additionally, a site specific installation by Katie Truk will occupy The Center’s lobby through December 12, 2015.

The public is invited to meet the artists at an opening reception on Friday, September 18th from 6-8 p.m.

“The Thing Itself” – Curated by John Yau
September 11 – October 24, 2015
“The Thing Itself,” curated by John Yau is in the first floor galleries. Mr. Yau, curator, poet, and art critic, has over the past thirty years visited many artists’ studios and in that time has found that there is a lot of work that, for a variety of reasons, is seldom seen in galleries. Most often, these were works are on paper. According to Yau, “What got me was the humbleness of the materials, and how artists were able to start with a piece of paper, and with simple instruments create an entire cosmos, a distinct reality.” For this show Yau has invited a number of artists who demonstrate, as Yau has said, “No matter how much art I have looked at, and written about, I still find that merging of materials, rigor and imagination both magical and mysterious, a world arising out of the artist’s interaction with something as common and ordinary as a piece of paper.”

“The Thing Itself” artists are Marina Adams, Phil Allen, Louise Belcourt, Gideon Bok, Lois Dodd, Kurt Knobelsdorf, Marilyn Lerner, Judith Linhares, Sangram Majumdar, Thomas Nozkowski, Eleanor Ray, Joyce Robins, Gary Stephan, Don Voisine, Richard Whitten and John Willenbecher.

“+1” – Curated by Wes Sherman
September 11- October 24, 2015
“+1,” curated by Wes Sherman, is in the second floor galleries. This exhibition, like “The Thing Itself,” comes out of the many years Sherman has visited artist studios and his realization that artists often refer to other artist’s work to illustrate the ideas that are being achieved or thought about in their own work. Frequently a picture or clipping is pulled out to show the comparisons. “+1” focuses on painters and Sherman has asked a handful of artists to invite another artist to exhibit a work next to their own painting. This pairing, much like a diptych, creates new contexts between the two paintings, opening up new observations that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.

“+1” pairings: Suzanne Joelson + Harry Roseman; Valeri Larko + Jane Dickson; Tom McGlynn + Jim Osman; Darren McManus + Trygve Faste; Ilse Murdock + James Benjamin Franklin; Sylivia Plimack Mangold + Catherine Murphy; Hanneline Rogeberg + Suzanne McClelland; and Terry Thacker + Matt Christy

Katie Truk: Wishful Intentions
September 11 – December 12, 2015
The Center’s site specific lobby installation, “Wishful Intentions,” was created by Hamilton, N.J. artist Katie Truk who works entirely with wire and pantyhose. Her installation will remain on view through December 12, 2015. In 1995, while an undergrad at Alfred University, Hamilton, N.J. artist Katie Truk began experimenting with pantyhose as a medium. Truk states, “My pieces are a marriage of sensual malleability of pantyhose and the rigidity of wire. Internal conversation and motion are induced within the static confine. Thread binds and extends the aggression and vulnerability, echoing life’s twists, turns, and pulling within our rigorous regulations and expectations.” About the installation Truk stated, “All the pantyhose in this installation were donated by the CCA community. Over fifteen pounds were contributed, for the greater part, by women. Each pair contains the hopes of being their best. Collectively these woman stand enduringly as trees. Weathering the storms. Sheltering and nurturing life. Radiant in bloom, bearing of fruit, and shedding of time. It is they that support the hives of life.”



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