Board of Trustees and Staff

Board of Trustees

Mary Lev, President
Eileen McNamara-Raisch, Treasurer
Larry Quirk, Vice President
Cecilly Sullivan, Secretary

Eva Deffenbaugh
Marcia Glatman
Lily Lee
Maria Tedesco


All staff members can be reached by phone at 908.234.2345 followed by the appropriate extension:

Elie Porter Trubert, Executive Director: Ext. 100
Stefanie Beaumont, Office Administrator: Ext. 101
Peter Phillips, Bookkeeper: Ext. 103
Norma Rahn, Director of Education: Ext. 102
John Reinking, Ceramics Program Manager
Wes Sherman, Exhibitions Committee Chair
Leigh A. Zona, Communications and Development Manager: Ext. 104

Evening and Weekend Administrators
Deb Huff
Jolene Kelewae
Donna Souren